I have a severe hearing loss following an infection of bacterial meningitis since March 2016 with follow-up in ENT since that time.
My specialist informed me that this surgery would be serious to consider but the fact that it was done in Quebec City was a real surprise because my doctor, Dr. Woods, himself has the expertise to operate, which would be ideal as well as other colleagues, so why do we not have access to this surgery here in Montreal? It would be so much easier for the person as well as for the next two weeks of implant programming. We have audiologists trained at the Raymond Dewar Institute here to do it too so it would avoid all trips to the Hôtel-Dieu de Quebec and all the expenses associated with travelling. I was first evaluated in July at the hospital and waiting for another evaluation at the IRDPQ in Quebec still, all this stress generated by distance could be avoided if Montreal had a center of expertise like that of Quebec, the possibilities are there but it lacks the will of our current government and our health minister, Dr. Barrette, has worked as a specialist at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital and has knowledge of the environment and his colleagues who have the expertise to operate in these places.
It would remove the worries of displacement, housing for programming, so many expensive costs that make you think about the informed choice that leaves you in your “silence” and we do not speak of the delay which is much too long when time is running out for the ossification of the cochlea to undergo the surgery in a timely manner and what to say of the children for the parents waiting the future for them is important their life begins. I understand that it is a priority in the waiting list and that the doctors do not operate every day more then it would be a solution to share the cases thus having our center here in Montreal. Thank you for being a belt of transmission for all those concerned and in who are reduced to being stuck in a “bubble” when you have already heard it is a cross to bare every day. I am lucky to have my wife by my side but she suffers also from this handicap, the more there will be voices which add to your association the more the possibility to be heard will be strong and will have the weight I sincerely wish it. Sincere THANKS for your implication and your support for all and be assured of our thanks. To be continued…