Family Forced Apart and a Miscarriage

We discovered that our son was hard of hearing at 2 weeks old, at age of 6 months he had his two hearing aids covered by the government, at age of 3 after tons of medical tests and audiology we found that his hearing aids don’t suit his situation so we had to buy $6000 hearing aids, at age of 5 he became profound on the left ear, so went to Quebec city, it was a very hard time. First it’s a new transition in my son’s life and for us as well, and we were not in our environment, we were like fish that got moved from the sea to a tank. Then came the rehabilitation. I had to split my family, my daughter stayed with my husband in Montreal for 2 weeks, she was at that time 8 years old, till now she mentions it as if I abandoned her, and to top it all I was pregnant at that time and I had a miscarriage while I was in Quebec city. Till this day I haven’t visited Quebec City again.