Bacterial Meningitis Hearing Loss

Hello, I have been waiting for an implant since last December, following a hearing loss due mainly to bacterial meningitis two years ago. All this could have been avoided if would have had a good diagnosis after a first consultation followed by 10 hours of waiting at the emergency without seeing doctors and being return back home by ambulance. The doctor told my wife: “If he has family warn them because I do not think he will get out of it”. After the urgency of the moment and three weeks in the hospital and long convalescence, here is the result, I stayed with “less” in various forms, it really affected the brain, but the worst is my hearing, several evaluations and exams and now waiting for an implant, having to make all these trips to Quebec creates a great stress for me and my wife on whom I absolutely rely on everything because in addition I am on heavy medication for other health problems and going to Quebec several times even denied me the first time my doctor told me about it, he returned to the charge after six months due to an alarming audiogram result and that I am a candidate for the implant it is important that the cochlea is still in condition. I know that it is expensive these surgeries and all that it concerns but if at least it would be done here in Montreal it could alleviate the waiting list in Quebec City and reduce the stress that travels because I can not drive then it must plan another plan and there is the temperature factor with the winter which can cause a refusal of rv or surgery if you can not go, doing operations in Montreal and Quebec would accommodate people by avoiding the distance to travel as well as provide accommodation also later for programming, all to say that it would simplify the situation of many people, I attended a meeting of the association of implanted to have their testimony and it is points in relation of the distance which stand out because the age also enters into account for the travel and accompaniment also to predict, surgeries done in Montreal would solve many problems and reduce the costs for all and for the health system also would be winners, I support your cause so that one takes into account your personal involvement face to the suggestion of implant surgeries in Montreal, thank you for your support, I hope you will be listened to and answered for all of us waiting and make our life easier.